Name: My name is Denzil.
Any other names you have. I am recreating Doc Holliday. I call him John.
How long have you been involved or interested in living history/re-enactment/re-creation. I am not sure. I have always been enthusiastic about some time or another, since I was, oh ten. It was ships and sea travel at that time. Never having heard of historical recreation I dressed as a sailor and memorised the names of ropes and sails, etc.
What you like most about it. One can always learn more, create more, recreate more. Also, it preserves what has gone before - all the heroism and nobility, the remnants of humanity of the dead, more than bare names and dates.
What period/s you do (or like to watch the most). 1850-1900 America, the French Revolution, the Canadian 1837 Rebellion. Thee have always been favourites.
What periods you have done in the past, want to do, think are really really cool. As above. Possibly more, but these have been the most prominent.
Any groups/societies you are in. I am in the International Brotherhood of Magicians. My friends here are in the SCA with all the requisite armour, clothing, fighting, dancing, singing, etc.

I am trying to do recreation via magic as well as this journal, and I am writing a book. I know the songs of the time, have the requisite clothing, have experienced the requisite firearms in the past (gun laws here are very strict). I know about 1900s dentistry and cards. I have been diligent with the literal history and have amassed a nice book/letter/memoir collection as reference. This period includes the US Civil War, which is a large and complex topic which I am gradually learning. I can follow John's family through the battles in which they were involved, and have gleaned their specific views, which varied widely.
I swear I didn't put those...
...bullets into Stillwell.

True, I went with Wyatt to the train station, to see Virgil off, and the others.

True we looked for him and I would have shot him if I had seen him.

But I never would have put so many bullets into him, so much lead. It was never my way.

On the other hand, it was not exactly like Wyatt either.
cut for length )

Name: John H. Holliday, DDS.
Fandom: History.
Word Count: 992
Please comment if you wish.
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