Pick your drabble!

Pick a John and I'll write a double drabble based on him and your muse. You can pick your top three and I'll write at least one (it would be fun if other people posted this too, though of course there is no obligation. Also, if you tag here and re-post, you can count on a tag back from me.)

1. Playful!John
2. Murderous!John
3. Flailing!John
4. Incarcerated!John
5. Deviant!John
6. Ill!John
7. Intoxicated!John
8. Wildly Inappropriate!John
9. Eloquent!John
10. Cooking!John
11. Naked!John
12. Confidential!John
13. Inexperienced!John
14. Young!John
15. Long-winded!John
16. Bedtime!John
17. Jealous!John
18. Inquisitive!John
19. Confused!John
20. Arrogant!John
21. Angry!John
22. Loving!John
23. Working!John
24. Needs-a-Hug!John
25. Choose-your-own!John


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