John participated in but one wagon train - from Dodge to Prescott with Wyatt. The happiest months of his life after the war. He had ridden after Wyatt on a fast horse, overtaking him on the trail. Travelling then was leisurely, almost lazy - pleasant days riding quietly, always talking, thinking slowly, watching the sky and clouds. John told stories, his life, his thoughts; hypothesised; dreamt; explained; speculated. Wyatt listened, smiling beside him, present, replying with fondness; precise thoughtful brevity. John had felt... free. Oh, to be known! To speak without censor or expectation he feign conventionality.

And there were always biscuits.

Year: 1879
The desert was healthy. Dry simple air enabled John to ride, visit in the hills, wander town, join posses. His lungs eased. If he still lay in fever when he retired, needed whiskey to rise, he enjoyed the day and active night with relative impunity. Summer was his favourite. He was happiest in sun or warm evening air rising from the earth breathing heat against his bare skin, moving his hair where it curled around the edges of his hat. Colorado was disappointment, despite cosmopolitan Denver. He declared it had ten months of winter, two of late fall. He ailed.

Year: 1882
John did not participate in the gold rush to Deadwood, busy fleeing Texas (again); involved in Colorado escapades. Wyatt had gone, curious, regaling John with his own understated tales beside the campfire. Wyatt had met Wild Bill, returned all admiration. Though when he went armed he preferred to use a colt as bludgeon, he thought deeply about shooting techniques.

John listened, agreeing from his own experience. It was better to hesitate that instant to aim, than rely on speed alone. Wild Bill had given Wyatt this advice. John always looked indecisive for that heartbeat - it was calculated, and it worked.

Year: 1874?
Buffaloing people is clipping their heads with the butt of heavy Colt. Wyatt preferred this to shooting miscreants. In Dodge he hadn't even gone armed, leaving shotguns at prominent saloons. John shadowed him, protecting him.

During the gambler's war in Tombstone, John went to the Oriental, defending Wyatt against the saloon owner. Amidst his tirade, John shot Milt Joyce in the arm. Joyce bufflaoed him. Unconscious, streaming blood, they thought him dead, propping him in a chair and attending Joyce. Proving alive, he was convicted of assault. Joyce was not charged. John bore a long white scar in his scalp.

Year: 1881


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