John was expected, as a sporting man, to wear black and white - a gambler's uniform. He pointedly selected grey tailored suits, pastel striped linen shirts, silk brocade waistcoats. In black and white, with educated speech and sombre manner, he was taken for lawyer or preacher.

On horseback in sun or rain, especially on the desert, a wide-brimmed hat protected face and head. In Arizona, so close to the Mexican border there was smuggling and skirmishes, cowboys and miners wore large sombreros. John wore a black western dress hat for both trail and town, but in Denver a soft-crowned, narrow-brimmed grey hat.

Years: 1873 - 1887
John went with Wyatt to the bank. It was night but the banker, on the vigilante committee, cheerfully granted Wyatt special courtesies. John had been cleared of murder and stage-robbing charges after Wyatt sobered Kate up and she admitted she'd lied, condemning John. Had her lies held, he would have been hung.

The banker wouldn't address John directly, but slapped Wyatt's back in comradely fashion. Each withdrew $500 to pay Kate to leave John forever. It was Wyatt's idea; John's hands were shaking. Wyatt cared enough to help him, want him to remain near. John himself had offered to leave.

Year: 1881


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