Now you'll be a lawman and an outlaw - the best of both worlds.

John smiles as he watches a simulacrum of himself speak to a simulacrum of Wyatt as they feign setting off on their vengeance ride under the shadow of Stillwell's killing. It had been a new experience for Wyatt, and the words were apt. John wishes he had spoken them.

It had been a new experience for John as well. Deputised, with the warrants from Wells Fargo in Wyatt's pockets, John had finally been a lawman and an outlaw. His killing had been sanctioned. He had been just like a privateer under a writ, as opposed to a pirate.

Year: 1882
John favours innovation. His uncle John had been frustrated when the medical profession disregarded it. John's first pistol was a Navy Colt. But when he came upon the tiny 1865 Webley ring-trigger, he was sold on the idea of self-cockers. They can be fired with an elegant pull of one finger, without the awkward instant-consuming drawing back of the hammer. He keeps it in his waistcoat.

Since Colt brought out their double-action Lightning and Thunderer he has worn one on his belt, one in a spring-loaded shoulder harness. Nickel-plated. They are neither popular nor reliable, but John swears by them.

Years: from 1877


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