Mr. Holiday became friends with the brothers Earp. Said brothers, being respectively Virgil, Wyatt and Morgan, were all splendid shots and sterling folk of standing, character and force. The brothers Earp and Mr. Holiday became friends at sight. It was a though a fourth had been born into the Earp family.

We're going to miss him. We'll surely miss him from our midst. And when I think on his career, sort of run over it hitting the lofty places, I'm here to obsere that he was the vividest invalid, and the busiest, with which I ever crossed up. He certainly was an indefatigable sick man; and that goes. Red Jack, proprietor of the Four Flush saloon, in California Gulch in Colorado.

Both from Alfred Henry Lewis' book Sunset Trail, written about and with Bat Masterson who was his friend. Thus they are not first hand quotes, but they were surely approved by Bat and thus have some slight provenance. And they are from 1905.


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